Mac AFP clients can not see files created by Unix clients using SF



I posted this on the SFU forum with no luck. Hopefully someone here has seen

I have Windows 2003 Server with Services for Unix 3.5 and File Server for
Macintosh. We share a WIP folder to PC users, Macintosh OS9 and OSX users,
and now AIX and Linux Unix clients. When I create folders/files in WIP using
Linux/AIX clients, they can not be seen in the directory listing by Macintosh
clients using AFP to mount the share. They are seen by Windows clients. They
can also be seen using SMB under OSX. This is not available for OS9.

Creating a file/folder using Windows or Mac clients can be seen by everyone.
Deleting the Mac share and re-creating it shows the files/folders created by
Unix clients but this is not feasable in production environments.

Is this a bug? Am I missing some configuration? I've gone over it a hundred
times. It seems like it would have be seen before but I can't find any info
on the web.

Jim Seifert [MSFT]

We are currently investigating this issue. Unfortunately at this time there
is no recommended work around or configuration change that will enable the
SFU created files to be visible to OS9 clients. I will post more
information when it becomes available.

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