Lower third of footer characters missing.


Tom Duprex

I'm working on a long document and I have page numbering centered on
the bottom and it prints okay. I added a footer and now the footer
which apparently includes the page number does not print out the lower
third of the characters. It looks like the footer line has been shifted
down slightly and now beyond the bottom margin.

I then went to header/footer tool bar page setup and adjusted the
footer "from edge" to 0.6 instead of 0.5 and it works fine. Am I doing
something wrong? Or does one have to adjust top/bottom margin or footer
setup when using page numbering versus footer? (Using Word 2002)




Dayo Mitchell

When you use Insert | Page Number, it puts the number in a frame, which can
act strangely if you then put other text in the footer.

The best way, if you plan on having more than just the number in the footer,
is not to use Insert | Page Number, but to View | Header/Footer, and click
the # icon to insert the page number where you want it in relation to the
footer text. Then there's no frame, and you have control over where the
number goes, and don't usually have to bother adjusting.

For more information:

And for more things you can do with footers:



Tom Smith

You should also check your printer. The issue (esp. with inkjets) is that
they don't print as large an area as some others, resulting in the bottom
(or top) getting cut off. I print to 2 printers and on one (laser) the
footers are fine, on the other (inkjet), they're clipped unless I did what
you did--increase the distance of the footer from the edge of the page.

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