Lost Word '07 file that was working on in Word '03



In my new PC/Windows Vista, I created a simple Word 2007 file that had a
2-column table with text - a very simple documnet, no graphics or complex

I saved it to a thumb drive and opened/was working on the file in my older
PC (Windows XP) in Word 2003.

When I tried to save the file, all of a sudden I received a pop-up window
that said the document was corrupt and could not be recovered - the file
closed down, and now the file is not listed ANYWHERE in my file directories.
Is there any way to find and recover this file?

Thank you for your assistance.

Graham Mayor

Never ever read from, write to, or print from floppy or other removable
media such as flash drives with Word. These are the most certain methods of
ensuring document corruption.

Always copy to and from the hard disc to work on the document from there.

In this case you *may* be able to recover some of it with file recovery
software, but the probability is that it is lost.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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