Lost Office XP Programs after Office 2007 trial ended/removed

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I'll admit that I may be a complete moron but I'm hoping for some help. I
had Office XP on my computer, complete with Outlook, Front Page, Excel, Word
etc, and decided to try Office 2007.
I uninstalled Office 2007, after the trial ended, not knowing that it would
not simply revert back to Office XP.
I cannot find and may well no longer have the discs for Office XP, and am
desperate to find some way to reinstall/save or somehow get these programs
back. Not just so I'll once again have and be able to use PowerPoint, Excel,
Word etc... but I have lost all of my contacts and existing copies of emails
in Outlook!

I still have my contacts in my Phone, which has Windows Mobile 5.0 and has
not yet been synchronized - post removal of Office 2007.

Am I completely up a creek? Is there anyway to get these programs back if I
can't find the XP discs?

Any/All help is greatly appreciated!

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

If you upgraded Office XP to Office 2007 and then uninstalled Office
2007, the programs are gone.
The data should still be there unless there was an option and it was
checked to delete the data.

If you installed separately, it is possible Office XP is still
installed, look in the Programs folder.

You will sooner or later need the Office CDs so you should locate them
since my guess is you will need them sooner.

Ask in an Office newsgroup for more information ands for details on
locating the missing data:

Jupiter Jones [MVP]


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