Lost disk drives when upgrading from win 1995 to win 2000



I recently upgraded my old computer to win 2000 from win
95. Previously, I had a c:, d:, e: and f: drives. After
upgrading to win 2000, I only have my c: and d: drives.

How can I get drives e: and f: back on win 2000?


Robert Mitchell [MSFT]

Hello Mo,

Please post a screenshot of Disk Management so we can get a clearer picture
of what is happening.

Robert Mitchell
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Sorry, I mistitled the email. I meant to write lost hard
drives when upgrading from win 1995 to win 2000. I
orginally had hard drives of c:, d:, e: and f: and now
with win 2000, I just have c: and d:

Sorry for the confusion. Can you help?



You're adding to the confusion now ... hard drives, disk drives, whatever. Anyway, same still applies I guess, post the screendump ...
Also you may want to get partinfo.zip from our support page and extract partinfo.exe a bootable diskette and run partinfo.

Syntax: partinfo>filename.txt [enter] ... post the text file's contents here or in our support forum, we may be able to help.


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