Lost Color in Table of figures



I use Word 2000 on Windows XP.

I recently lost color in my entries in the Table of Figures. It's
complicated but I'll try to be brief in explaining it. I have figures with
captions under the the style of Figure Caption (which is the style I use to
generate the table of figures). The default color of the style is black
(automataic), but often I add one or two word notes to myself in the caption
and then color the notes blue or red. Until now, when I either updated the
table of figures or inserted a new table of figures to replace the old, my
added color text come along. That way I can quickly scan my figures list and
see my colored comments.

Recently this all stopped. When I opened the latest version of my file the
table of figures' entries were ALL black - even my added comments, even
though the original colored text in the figure captions themselves were still
in color. I tied updating the table - no luck. I tried inserting a new table
of figures - no luck.

I went back and opened an earlier version of the file. The colored text was
in the table of figures. When I right clicked to update the table the colors
remained. However, when I inserted a new table of figures based on the
current template, all of the entries turned black - even though the original
colors in captions on the figures remained intact.

I deleted normal.dot and tried again - no luck. I simply cannot figure out
what is happening. Please help!!

Stefan Blom

This is strange. Usually, any direct font formatting is reflected in
the table of contents/table of figures. If you use highlighting
instead, does that make a difference?

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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