How to edit a Table of Figures



Working in Word '07.

Instead of using "Insert Captions" for my figures, I simply typed a caption
under each figure and changed the style of those captions to h8. At the
beginning of my document, I want to list all of my figures with those
captions and the correct page number.

To do this, from the References menu I clicked "Insert Table of Figures". I
changed the caption label to none, and built the table from the h8 style
under Options. Everything looks great. I then wanted to change some of the
formatting of this table which I would like to maintain when updating the
entire table. How do I do this?

For my table of contents, when I right-click the table and choose Edit
Field, the TOC entry under Field Names is selected and I can click on Table
of Contents on the right. This opens a dialog box with four tabs (Index,
TOC, TOF, TOA) with only the TOC tab active. I can do the same thing for the
Index and TOA but cannot find a way to make Table of Figures tab active.
Outside of deleting it and reinserting one, how can I make edits to the


Stefan Blom

To change the formatting of the entries in the table of figures, modify the
Table of Figures paragraph style.



Thanks for the response. I have done this and it works very well...until I
update the entire table (not just the page numbers). I need to do this if I
have since inserted or deleted a figure. At that point the table reverts to
the original paragraph formatting when the TOF was created.

The only way that I have made paragraph formatting "stick" even when
updating the entire table, is with my TOC and Index by right-clicking the
field and clicking Edit Field. This then allows me to get to the four-tabbed
dialog box with the appropriate tab active and then I can click on the Modify
button. I cannot figure out how to access the Table of Figures tab like I
can with the Index, Table of Contents, and Table of Authorities.

Stefan Blom

Note that you can use the Manage Styles dialog box to modify the Table of
Figures style: In the Styles pane (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S), click the Manage
Styles button. On the Edit tab, locate Table of Figures, select it, and
click Modify. Use the Format button to change specific settings (Format |
Paragraph, Format | Font, etc.).


Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I
do not understand why the process is different than simply right-clicking on
the table, choosing Edit Field, and then finding Table of Figures in the list
like the TOC, TOA and Index, but at least I have a way of modifying the
formatting without having to delete and recreate the TOF every single time.

Thanks so much.

Stefan Blom

I'm glad I could help!

Apparently Edit Field cannot tell the difference between a table of contents
and a table of figures (both of which are TOC fields), which explains why
that command fails.

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