Losing XP SP2 firewall settings in GP




I have a Windows 2000 domain. When I use an XP SP2 box to modify the group
policy settings for SP 2 firewall it works fine and the settings get applied.
However when I go back in to modify the settings under computer
configuration\administrative templates\network I only see Off-line Files and
Network and Dialup Connections. The firewall section is gone. This is true
both if I access the GP through Active Directory Users and Computer on the
server or if I use the Group Policy MMC on an XP box. Any ideas?

Gregg Knapp

Ya -
I've been fighting with this problem for months, myself.
My AD is a bit of a mess because of it. There have been
some posts here on the subject, but I've never seen a
solution to the problem. I haven't found anything in the
onlne KB for a workaround, either.



I may have found a work-around. I created an XP box in Virtual Server (my
box is on a differnt domain) that I use to manage the firewall GPO. I don't
touch the GPO in Windows 2000 Active Directory Users and Computers. So far
that is working but it has only been a few days......

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