Lookup tables and front end/back end design



I've been using a fe/be design that utilizes many lookup tables, and when I
originally put this together back in the 90's, thought it would be best to
put them on the front-end for faster performance. But in order to make them
updatable by the users, I put master lookup tables into a "Lookup" database
on the server. When the user loads the front end, the local lookup tables
are updated if any changes have been made. This is a little cumbersome, and
I'm wondering if anyone bothers to do such a thing. Would it be better to
put all these lookup tables within the main database on the back end?

Jeff Boyce


Have you tried it to see if the you (or the users) can notice any difference
in the performance?

Unless the lookup table is quite large (or the network quite slow), I'd
think that the millisecond differences would be imperceptible.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


Thanks for your reply Jeff, and sorry for my delay in responding. It's been
a few years since I tried running the lookup tables off the server and seem
to recall it ran noticeably slower. At any rate, I tried this arrangement
again and don't notice much of an effect. Perhaps it's related to improved
technology, but it will sure make it easier for me to manage the lookup

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