Lookup fields in mailing label report



I'm trying to create labels from a query. The table
contains many lookup fields accessing values in other
tables. Of course when I include the lookup field in the
label report, it displays the ID number and not the lookup
value. I have tried to manually include a SELECT statement
so it would display the lookup value. I copied these
select statements from other working reports, but when
run, the labels just show #NAME? instead of the value.
Please help. Thanks!



Albert D. Kallal

When you build the query, just drop in those additional tables..and then
drop in the fields that have the text instead of the fields with the id.

So, if you have a partID field..then drop in the parts table..and use a left
join, and then drop in the field with the description.

If you have 5 fields that need values from 5 different tables..then just
drop in all those 5 extra tables into the query, and draw join lines.

Remember to make sure each join is a left join (that is you double click on
the join lines and select all values from the "main" table, and "any" values
from the child table...so do NOT select where both fields are equal..as that
will NOT work).

And, as you can see...you should NEVER use those hard to use lookup
fields..as you wind up having to build the queries anyway.

See item#2 on this list concerning lookup fields:


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