Lookup fields on label report



I received good advise from Albert to be able to print the
lookup value on my labels report rather than just the ID
number of the lookup fields. In the query, I have added
the lookup tables, set up the appropriate relationships,
and added the description fields of the lookup tables to
the query. I am confused as to what fields from the query
I place in the label report, the ID's from the main table,
or the description fields from the lookup tables. In my
case, I have a few lookup fields in my main table which
lookup in the same lookup table eg I have a "room" table
with values such as den, kitchen, study. In my main table
I have three fields which lookup in the room table ie.
component room, source cable room, and target cable room.
I added the room table to the query and set a relationship
from all three fields to the room table. I get an error
with the query, something about a looped back
relationship. Any futher advise would be appreciated.



Duane Hookom

Having three "room" fields is a bit un-normalized. You would have to add
three copies of the room lookup table to the query and join one each to your
three room fields. Then use your description fields in your report.

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