Looking to pay for help on Uploading Access 2007 template to Microsoft


Mark Andrews

I'm willing to pay up to $100 for help on uploading an Access 2007 template
to Microsoft's site.

I was hoping that by creating a free template and uploading it to Microsoft
I could get a little advertising while providing a useful free resource to

However I think it is impossible to upload a template, but there is a chance
that possibly I'm missing something.

If interested contact me via email (see contact us page on my site),
Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews


Appreciate the offer. Someone pointed me to a post that had the template
validator tool.
I think my issue was forms can't just have no code they have to have the
"Has Module" property set to No.

I'll try submitting again today and take you up on your offer if I still
can't get my template to upload.


Mark Andrews

FYI: I got the template uploaded, having no code is not good enough, you
need to make sure the "Has Module" is set to No on every form and report.
The template checker tool was the key to gaining understanding of what was

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