looking for an ISO for Win XP Black x64

Oct 28, 2013
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ok... I know about skeptics and about ISO's being "illegal"

XP Black is a crack-ware OS only obtainable through ISO.
(Microsoft does not have a distribution because they don't want a "good" product on the market)

to explain, for those who don't know...
XP Black is an OS that integrates every update from XP Pro as well as updates you can only get for Win 7, such as .Net 4.5E.

what makes this OS better than Win 7 is that it's basically Win 7 with XP support.
(something microsoft decided to drop since the development of Win Vista)
^ and are trying to force it's deprecation with various programs such as VS2012

I currently have an x86 ISO,
but I've just recently gotten an x64 compy which I'd like to play around with.
(getting rid of the existing 7 installation)

I've tried googling numerous times, but the results have not been worth the effort.
so now I resort to asking others to try to obtain a copy.

I hope you don't consider this attempt as trying to obtain an illegal copy of Win XP...
XP Black is more along the lines of a custom OS, so technically my request is valid. ;)

so that being said...
anyone have, or can direct me to, a torrent or download that's not dead or removed??

thanx :)

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