Logging on as administrator



I apparently changed my account type from Administrator to Limited Access
user and now I can't seem get back to the administrator type. I am the owner
and my son and spouse are just users. Everytime I try to create new user or
try to do anything to change my status, all I get is "You donot have access
to setup program access and defaults" When I purchased my pc, it was already
set up this way and I was given the option to change/switch user, but now
that I added a password to myself, I no longer have that opportunity.
Everyone has to signon on under my name and password. How do I get back to
where I started and recoup my "administrator" status.



John John - MVP

If you are using XP Pro hit Ctrl+Alt+Del twice at the logon screen and
try loging on with the built-in administrator account, the default name
is: Administrator and unless you changed it the default password is
usually blank (leave the password box empty and press <Enter>.

If you are using XP Home boot to Safe Mode.


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