Locked after sleep mode wakeup keeps coming back



I don't want my account locked when my computer comes out of sleep mode. I
want it to go right back to my desktop (I am the sole user). I have found
that when I go to Power Options, Require a password on wakeup, it is always
set to Don't require a password no matter what. I can toggle that to Require
a password and back and my account will not lock on wakeup. But a few days
later it starts locking again and I have to toggle the setting again.

What the h@#l is going on and how can I fix it so I can continously come
straight back out of sleep mode? Thanks.

Michael Walraven

Do you use a screen saver? If so does it require a password? They may



I use a screensaver with no password. I enter sleep mode manually since the
one hour automatic does not work with a screensaver. Why would a screensaver
lock my account? Thanks for the suggestion though.

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