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I have a worksheet that I use over-and-over again. It has several columns of
data, and some of the columns have long and hard to remember formulas to
total the columns. I usually delete the numbers in the columns after I print
out the worksheet, leaving the formulas intact at the bottom of the columns.
Being human, I occasionally goof and delete the sum formulas too. Is there a
way that I can lock the formula cell at the bottom of the column so that I
don't accidentally delete it?

Thanks in advance,

Bernard Liengme

A two step process
a) select the cell that you DO want the user to be able to change; using the
Format dialog 'unlock' these cells
b) now protect the worksheet (in your case |I would not use a password)

If step (a) is too long winded: select all cells by clicking the place where
the column headers intersect with the row headers and unlock all cells; Now
selectively lock the few cell with formulas.
best wishes
Bernard Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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