Lock a form


Daniel P.

I'm currently using Access 2007 and I would like to lock down controls in a
form with a button, but AFTER it has been edited by the user. In this forum,
I read about some pretty clever coding for locking bound controls, but it
doesn't quite fit my needs. The new forms usually open in a locked state
(which bothers me a bit since data will be added regularly), while some blank
textboxes, that the user has to fill by himself, are not locked at all.

I would like the form to open unlocked by default (or at least apply no
locks on a newly created form), so that the user can manually lock all the
controls, bound or unbound, with a click on a command button, after he's
finished. Maybe it's not kosher with Access, but I'd prefer to avoid heavy
programming in VBA, for I am not really an expert on that matter.

Thanks in advance !

Jeanette Cunningham

Forms have properties to manage this.
On the form's property dialog, on the data tab.
Look at the property for allow edits.
If allow edits is set to false, user can't edit any controls.

You're button can simply set allow edits to false.
Me.AllowEdits = False

You may need to do any validation checks (if you have any) before user locks
the form.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

Daniel P.

Thanks a lot, first of all for the advice !

For some reason, I can't get Allow Edits to function the way you suggest...
If I put this option on "No" in the Form Properties, I can edit anything
within the form without any trouble. Am I doing something wrong ?

Jeanette Cunningham

Are you sure that you set allow edits to No on the same form that you are
test ing?
Perhaps you have a subform on that form and the subform needs to have allow
edits set to No?
Perhaps you have some code behind that form that sets allow edits to Yes?

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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