Error "Field can not be updated" when entering data in a subform



Can anyone give me a hint on the following:
I have a form, with a subform (datasheet)
Some default values are set by refering to fields in the master form.
Looking at the new record line, these default values are correctly visible.
When entering any field in the new record, I get the error message "Field
can not be updated". When I OK this message box, my entered value IS in the
newly created record.
Help on this tells me that eihter this record is locked by another user (is
not) or that I am trying to change a value of a locked control (no controls
Please advise...

Crystal (strive4peace)

Hi Patrick,

If you have form properties set to AllowEdits, then it
sounds to me like your subform may be using more than one
table in its RecordSource. It is best to base each form and
subform on only one table if you plan to change data.

Warm Regards,
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:) have an awesome day :)


Thanks Crystal,
The form uses a query as recordsource.
In this query I have added a calculated field. This was the field that
couldn't be updated on new record creation.
Moved the calculation up to the main form and this solves the issue.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction :)

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