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I am going to be joining several windows 2000 pro and XP desktops to my
domain. The users on these pc's have been using them for quite a while and
really don't want to have their entire local profile change when they start
using a domain account to log in.

Is there a way to join these pc's to the domain, have the users use their
new domain acconts to log in but keep all the local settings such as
desktop, my documents, application data, favorites etc?

Thanks for you help



Pegasus \(MVP\)

Maybe there is a more elegant method but I think this
crude approach should work:
1. Get the user to log on to the domain.
2. Log him/her off, then log on under your local admin account.
3. Copy the user's local profile folder over the new domain
profile folder, warts and all.

Better check it out first!

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