Local Computer Group Policy Problem


David Ristau

Background, NT Server 4.0 domain, Windows 2000 Member
server SP3

About every hour and a half, my application event logs
reports the following two errors

Event ID: 1000 Source Userenv
The Group Policy client-side extension Security was passed
flags (17) and returned a failure status code of (5).


Event ID: 1202 Source Scecli
Security policies are propagated with warning. 0x5 :
Access is denied.
Please look for more details in TroubleShooting section in
Security Help.

I've tracked it down to a local group policy, it looks as
though someone tried to either implement a local group
policy or tighten directory security.

Using KB article 324383 and 312164 to help diagnose the
event ID's

The debug action from 324383 writes a bunch of
********************** in

With no files matching

Without result, the next step was to start up MMC and
Group Policy Editor
Navigating to the
Local computer policy
Computer configuration
Windows Settings
Security settings
Account Policies and Local Policies yield the
error "Windows cannot open local policy database" error

Again searching MS Support I cam across KB 300267 about
everyone group needing full access to the %systemroot%
drive, which I applied

The issue continues and I'm out of "next steps", thanks
for any solutions.

Nick Finco [MSFT]

Make sure everything under %windir%\security is accessable for system and


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