ESENT Error ID 800 and SceCli Error ID 1202



Hi !

I have a problem on a computer running Windows 2000 SP4 (workstation, no
I've noticed 1 error and 1 warning on the application Event Log, no error on
System event log.

I'm French and I use a french version of Windows 2000, I'll try to translate
these messages so excuse me for my bad english :

Source : SceCli
Type : Warning
Cat : None
Event ID : 1202
"Security policy was send with a warning 0x4b8 : An extended error has

Source : ESENT
Type : Error
Cat : System settings configuration
Event ID : 800
"Services (232) System parameter minimum cache size (64) is less than four
times the number of sessions (64)"

I don't find how to resolve this problem. I'v tried to turn on the Debug
level mode of secedit using this :;en-us;324383
But my winlogon.log keep empty (only *********** was wrotten when I try to
propagate policies)

I try to reconfigure Policies... I can't;en-us;278316
I follow this procedure but when I select a template, I've got an error
("Extended error has occured").

I've checked Secedit.sdb with tool.. Integrity is good.

I've checked permission on folder... Seem right (I've also tried to add
"Everybody" group)

I can't open the "Local security policy" from "Administrative tool".
In fact, I can open it but it's wrotten : "Can't access database cause of
extended error".

The real problem (perhaps not link with ?) : I can't add a printer.
The computer can detect it (USB printer), it begins to add the driver (First
I have to confirm that driver are not sign, then it begins to copy files),
then it says : "File missing".
I can't have a sign driver for this printer.. I think it in relation with
SceCli error... don't you ?

Please Help Me........ Thanks.


Follow up to : microsoft.public.win2000.general


Try this instead:
Simply rename the files located in %SystemRoot%\Security or move them.

Then gpupdate or secedit refresh.

That should work

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