Local Area Network not transmitting/receiving



I have a Dell latitude with Win 2000. It has always
worked fine, but I must have changed something the other
day so that my network connection no longer works. When I
plug the either net cable into the PC, the LAN icon does
appear as "connected" in my system tray, but it reports "0
packets sent, 0 packets received." I have checked in the
device manager that my network adapter is working properly
and everything else seems fine, but I can't get any
network access. The light on the ethernet port is also
on. Why am I not connected? Any help would be

Steven L Umbach

Run ipconfig /all to find your IP address. First try to use the command line " ping
localhost " to see if you get a reply. If you do then try to ping your IP address as
shown from ipconfig /all. If that works try to ping your default gateway as shown by
ipconfig /all to see if it replies. If you can not even ping your local host, then
you may want to try and reinstall tcp/ip as described in the link below.


If you can ping your local host and IP address but not default gateway then your
computer may be on the wrong network address. Assuming a typical class C address the
first three octets of the four need to be the same for your IP address and default
gateway. Mine for instance is 192.168.1.xxx. If all that is correct you may have a
bad network cable or a problem with the port on a switch and it may be worth trying
another port. Sometimes powering down the switch/router is worth a try. Of course no
reply from the default gateway can also mean it is not available.

If that gets you nowhere try booting into safemode with networking to see if that
make a difference and sometimes uninstalling the nic in device manager and rebooting
to let it reinstall itself can help. --- Steve

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