ListView control takes all focus?


Sondre Bjellås

I'm working on a form where I have a combobox, a link label and a listview
control. In the load event on the form I put focus on the combobox. When the
application loads up I can use the "joystick" to navigate down and put focus
on the link label, and below that I have my listview control.

If I have items in the listview, I'm able to selected between them, but I'm
unable to move focus out of the listview and up to my link label.

Is this the expected behavior? What can I do to move the focus up to my link
label again? I made a quick hack by hooking up to the KeyPressed event and
checked for the key "Up" and then manually moved the focus up.



Since there is no "standard" that up and down cursor arrows should move
between controls, I'm actually surprised you can move into the ListView this
way. Tabs are the only standard for moving between controls.


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