List Bullet paragraphs show up in Document Map



I'm using Word 2003 in Windows XP. My List Bullet Paragraphs show up
in the Document Map. Why is that?

The List Bullet paragraphs started off as Header 2 styles in another
Word file. For each heading level N (N=2,3,...), I selected the all
the Heading N paragraphs and converted them into the List Bullet N-1
Style. I then copied them and pasted them into the file in which I'm
seeing the problem. In the Document Map, each List Bullet N-1
paragraph behaves as a Heading N paragraph.

Why would this be, and can anything be done about it?

Stefan Blom

The document map includes paragraphs that has the "Outline level" property
set to something other than "Body Text." In this case, you have changed the
"Outline level" property for the List Bullet paragraph style. In the Modify
Style dialog box for that style, click Format, and then click Paragraph. For
"Outline level," choose "Body Text." Click OK to return to the Modify Style
dialog box. Before clicking OK, you may want to click "Add to template."

Stefan Blom

I'm glad I could help.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

Thank you, Stefan, for a valuable look into the underbelly of Word.

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