keep lover level bullet list with previous bullet



Word 2007. I have a Heading then some paragraphs. Then a bullet list. How do
I prevent a page from breaking in the middle of a lower level bullet list? In
other words, how do I keep lower level bullets with it's upper level?

For example:
Many paragraphs

o upper level bullet aaa
- one aaa
- two aaa
- three aaa

o upper level bbb
- one bbb
- two bbb
- three bbb

Right now I run out of room on the page and -two bbb goes to the next page.
I can highlight the "bbb"s and under Paragraph/line and Page Breaks check
Keep Lines Together. I may need to add more paragraphs before the bullet list
and I don't want a list to be broken into two pages. Do I have to highlight
each list (aaa, bbb, ccc) to do this. Or is there a way to do it different?

Stefan Blom

To keep paragraphs on the same page, you should use "Keep with next" rather
than "Keep lines together." If all or most of your document is a multilevel
list, you wouldn't want to add "Keep with next" to the relevant style
definition(s), but if there are also "intervening" text you could very well
do so.

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