Linux Root Hole Security Flaw


Subarctic Penguin
Mar 11, 2008
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Unfortunately, builds of the vulnerable kernel at the heart of countless millions of routers, Internet-of-Things gadgets and other embedded devices remain vulnerable – and many will be difficult to patch. Most people won't even know they've got a security risk sitting next to them at home.

Welcome to the future.

Updates and patches: Once the device is in operation, it will start receiving hot patches and software updates. Operators need to roll out patches, and devices need to authenticate them, in a way that does not consume bandwidth or impair the functional safety of the device. It’s one thing when Microsoft sends updates to Windows® users and ties up their laptops for 15 minutes. It’s quite another when thousands of devices in the field are performing critical functions or services and are dependent on security patches to protect against the inevitable vulnerability that escapes into the wild. Software updates and security patches must be delivered in a way that conserves the limited bandwidth and intermittent connectivity of an embedded device and absolutely eliminates the possibility of compromising functional safety.



Sep 30, 2005
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Storm in a teacup just something for the hacks to wet their knickers again.

Apparently fixes were issued almost immediately. An you had to have physical access to a pc or perform some other hack to try and gain access via shh or such like protocol.

An how many actual hacked pc's were recorded in the last nine years and when ? Hmm lets see, that would be one and that was last month.

So yup the world as we know it will end.

Mind you as there are how many hundreds of decades old un patched vulnerabilities in Microsoft products I'm surprised I can even post this. :cool:

This was posted from a safe zone anomaly somewhere in the sub ether of an alternate space time continuum. :rolleyes:

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