Links to Freeware Update October 19, 2004.


Henk de Jong

This is an update of the new, the updated and the removed links
on Links to Freeware at or or (currently 1915 working links

The following new links are all from a couple of Dutch computer
magazines (Computer Idee, Computer!Totaal and Personal Computer
Magazine). In every issue they have a couple of freewaresites

NEW additions are ...

---- In the FREEWARE section ----

Acumen (1 dot)
Three freeware utilities: Multiple Image Resizer .NET, Net Tester
and Multiple Unzipper.

Akkerman (dutch) (1 dot)
Three freeware Dutch-spoken freeware programs: Adres 2000,
MotorCrossCompetitie and Rondelijst on this Dutch-spoken site.

BlueBit (3 dots)
A couple of freeware home-made utilities and a game - The Shift-
Puzzle -.
{Also in the FREEWARE - GAMES section} (dutch) (3 dots)
A list of freeware news-readers for various platforms on this
Dutch-spoken site.
{Also in the FREEWARE - MAC section and in the FREEWARE - LINUX

Cypherix Strong Encryption Software (1 dot)
Two freeware - liteware - products: CRYPTAINER LE and DeCypherIT.

Easy Factuur (dutch) (1 dot)
A freeware desktopmanager and a freeware game - Jawbreaker - on
this Dutch-spoken site.
{Also in the FREEWARE - GAMES section}

Hans Klein (dutch) (1 dot)
Some freeware mathematical software in Dutch on this Dutch-spoken

homepage of Songoog and Imago (1 dot)
Two freeware utilities: Songoog and Imago.

Idee Software (dutch) (3 dots)
A freeware music player and a nice collection of home-made games on
this Dutch-spoken site.
{Also in the FREEWARE - GAMES section}

Jelle Damen (dutch) (1 dot)
A freeware desktop organizer and two games - X-Mas Mini Game and
Happy New Year Edition - on this Dutch-spoken site.
{Also in the FREEWARE - GAMES section} (3 dots)
Besides a lot of categorized shareware and demo programs also a lot
of freeware ones available here. (1 dot)
Three freeware utilities: Video2Photo, Easy Web Translator and

Sadhu Systems (1 dot)
page=freeware&lang=eng&details=none (link wraps)
Three freeware utilities: FreeSpace, VideoThumb and Speakerblowers
Database. (dutch) (3 dots)
A lot of links and downloads of freeware - financial - software on
this Dutch-spoken site.


Desktopia Free Screensavers (3 dots)
A couple of very nice designed freeware screensavers.

In the FREEWARE - GAMES section: (1 dot)
Two freeware games: Duo and DuoTris. (czech) (4 dots)
A great collection of freeware games on this Czech-spoken site.

Freeware Games by Andreas Spreen (1 dot)
Two freeware games here: PC RushHour and Green Snake.

Hasseröder (german) (2 dots)
A couple of freeware games for Windows and Mac on this German-
spoken site: DTM, Schneeballschlacht, Boxen, Skispringen, and a
{Also in the FREEWARE - MAC section and in the FREEWARE -

OTS Software (3 dots)
A nice collection of various freeware games on this site.

Parkeerbonnen (dutch) (3 dots)
A couple of freeware games in the Dutch language: Monopoly,
Hartenjagen, Eenentwintigen, Cluedo and more.

---- EARLIER reported OFFLINE, back ONLINE again ----

In the FREEWARE section:

BestFree (french)

S4SEs Free Software

---- REMOVED links ----

From the FREEWARE section:

Coensoft Freeware Programs
{no freeware anymore}
{Also from the FREEWARE - GAMES section}

Concept-Informatik (french)
{no freeware anymore}

Da Krazee Unstman's Cyber-Home
{temporarily offline}

DAMN Software
{no freeware anymore}

{temporarily offline}
{Also from the FREEWARE - MAC section}

DigitalMATRIX Software
{only one freeware product left}

{only one freeware product left}

Dominio, LDA
{no freeware anymore}

Dynamic Freeware
{403 - forbidden request}

eags on!
{no freeware anymore}

EDERSOFT Software Solutions
{404 - not found}

LeadArch Downloads
{404 - not found}
{Also from the FREEWARE - LINUX section and from the FREEWARE -

llornkcor rocknroll's software studio
{403 - forbidden request}
{Also from the FREEWARE - LINUX section}

Oriens Solution
{no freeware anymore}

From the FREEWARE - GAMES section:

{404 - not found}

Gecko Games
{404 - not found}

From the FREEWARE - PDA/HANDHELD section:

S.U.P.E.R. - Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository
{404 - not found}

---- Note ----

Links are removed from my page when I have tried
for 4 times to reach them without any success.

Henk de Jong
The Netherlands
(e-mail address removed) (remove NOSPAM)
"Links to Freeware"

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