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I am creating an excel 2007 file that contains links to different document
files. Basically the client wants a system that contains brief information
from a document, and i want to include a link the the file within the
directory structure. My problem is that the "hard coded" file link will not
remain the same when the client is given the directory.

currently the structure is like :companyserver\office location\project\sub
folder\THIS DIRECTORY\Sub folder1\Subfolder 2\File.doc

the .xls file will reside in the THIS DIRECTORY and the documents will be in
the sub folder2 folder. I want to be able to copy the "THIS DIRECTORY"
folder and have the links still work

Is this doable? is it clear what i want to accomplish?

Thanks for your help guys.

Jim Thomlinson

What you want to do will not work. Linked files can not be moved. The path is
hard coded and the file does not know that it has been moved as moving files
is handled by the operating system.


The easy answer is no. It won't work.

There is a work around.
You need to create a path and turn it into an environment variable like...

So your path needs to be Shades_widgit=%servername%office location\project\sub folder\THIS DIRECTORY
Or maybe Shades_widgit=%servername%\%office location%\project\sub folder\THIS DIRECTORY
(not sure if you mean company branch office or MS Office.)

I've never tried to create one so I can't help more.
Obviously you will need to create the environment variable in a setup progie and possibly get the servername as input.

Check this out.


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