how to prevent excel to change hyperlink path towards external fil

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Danko Jotanovic

I have cca 150 entries in 6 column table made in excel 2007. One of those 6
columns contains links to pdf files saved in separate directory on the same
hard disk drive.
Somehow, (I do not how it happens…) excel changes hyperlink paths towards
pdf documents.
My pdf docs are saved in a folder:
c:\users\AUSER\Auser documents\pdfs\classX
However, excel somehow changes this path to NONEXISTING one:

How to prevent excel from changing original path towars my pdf documents?

Jacob Skaria

Have you used worksheet function HYPERLINK()

Check out the help on

If this post helps click Yes

Danko Jotanovic

what I did is:
I typed friendly name inside the cell and then clicked hyperlink icon from
Insert menu, browse to the file, selected it and it worked.
my problem appeared afterwards. like I said, excel somehow managed to change
hyperlink path...

I just tried with worksheet function HYPERLINK like it is described in HELP,
but it is not working at all.
when I enter everything needed to retrieve specific pdf document, as a
result i get #NAME? shown inside the cell, error message after the click.

Dave Peterson

A few people have said that this has stopped a similar problem from occurring.
Maybe it'll help you--but you'll have to test it to make sure.

In xl2003 menus:
File|Properties|Summary Tab|Hyperlink Base
change it to C:\
(something that's always available)

In xl2007:
Click on the Office button
Choose Prepare, then properties.
Then use the arrow on the Document Properties dropdown
Choose Advanced Properties
And then change the hyperlink base on the Summary tab.


I like to use the =hyperlink() worksheet function for this.

I'll put the path in a hidden cell (A1 in my example). (Include the trailing
backslash, too!)

Then put the filenames in A2:Axxx
Then use the =hyperlink() formula in B2:Bxx.

=hyperlink("File:////"&$a$1&a2,"Click me")
and drag down

Then when I need to change the folder, I can change it one location (A1).

I could embed the path directly in the formula:
=hyperlink("File:////c:\my documents\excel\"& a2,"Click me")
and use Edit|Replace, but that seems like more work to me.

If you used Insert|Hyperlink, then you've noticed that edit|replace won't touch
those hyperlink addresses.

Saved from a previous post:

If you used Insert|hyperlink (xl2003 menus), you'll have more work to do. But
the good news is David McRitchie has done most of it for you:
look for:
Fix Hyperlinks (#FixHyperlinks)

If you're new to macros:

Debra Dalgleish has some notes how to implement macros here:

David McRitchie has an intro to macros:

Ron de Bruin's intro to macros:

(General, Regular and Standard modules all describe the same thing.)

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