hyperlinks changed automatically in excel.



I have a worksheet with hyperlinks to result files in one directory.
Somehow all the links were changed .
Some to
C:\Documents and Settings\MAM\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK31\
some to
but they were all changed from the correct path of

Which actions could I of taken to change these without physically editing
the hyperlink.

I had quite a few of the data sheets open but not all that were changed.
I am very puzzled and it it quite a bit of work to correct it.

How can I avoid this problem from happening again.

PS. I did not move the data it is still in the place it always was.

Dave Peterson

A few people have said that this has resolved the problem for them:

File|Properties|Summary Tab|Hyperlink Base
change it to C:\
(something that's always available)

I like to use the =hyperlink() worksheet function. It has never failed me this

=hyperlink("file:////yourpathtothe/something.xxx","Click me")

If you have to change lots and lots and lots back...

You could use the code from David McRitchie's site:

look for:
Fix Hyperlinks (#FixHyperlinks)

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:

(If it's just a few, I'd do it manually.)

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