Links Bar has Vanished . . .


J. Timothy

and in its place, is a label that says "Favorites". My links had been on the
toolbar just to the right of the "go" button and the address bar. However,
now in its place is just a label, which says favorites NOT links!. When you
press on it, nothing at all happens and the links are not accessible.
However, the links ARE listed under the Favorites panel to the left which
opens up by pressing the "Star" Icon (the same area in which you can
Organize and Add favorites). When I right-click on the toolbar, or press
"View" and select the toolbars which I want to appear, the 'links' toolbar
is checked, but it is nowhere to be seen. And why is that non-functional
label of favorites replacing it? Any and all help will be greatly
appreciated. I am running IE 6.0 SP2, Win XP SP2 Home Edition.

Jan Il

Hi J. Timothy :)

Try the following and see if it helps:

Restore Missing Toolbars, Menubars and Address Bar in Windows Explorer and
Internet Explorer - XP
Copyright 2002 - Doug Knox

This utility will allow you to quickly and easily restore the missing
toolbars, menubars and add address bars in Windows Explorer and Internet
Explorer. This utility is freeware.

Usage: Download the ZIP file below and extract the contents to your hard
disk. Double click the XP_ToolbarFix.exe file you extracted. Choose which
toolbars to repair and click the Repair button. To uninstall, simply delete

This utility is only recommended for Windows XP. It has not been tested with
other platforms. If you wish to run it on another OS, you will need to
install the VB6 Runtime libraries.

Download here
/end quote/

Hope this helps :)

Jan :)
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