Linking to a csv file on an FTP Server



I am trying to link to a csv on an FTP server within my company's internal
network. When I try to link I get the following error message:

This error message is usually associated with an attempt to access an FTP
(File Transfer Protocol) web site through a fire wall/proxy server and the
proxy settings are not set correctly to gain access.
To avoid this error message, change the FTP proxy settings to allow access
to the site.
More information about this error message online.

Is there a specific place to check the FTP settings or do I need to perform
some additional functions?

Any help would be appreciated.

John Nurick

Hi Bill,

As far as I know this isn't possible. Some time ago my fellow MVP Doug
Steele posted this response to a similar question:
You have to transfer the file to the local machine, using FTP.
Then, import it as usual.

Access doesn't recognize the FTP protocol (nor HTTP, for that matter)

If you need help doing the FTP programmatically, check out at "The Access Web" for a
low-tech approach, or for a
more elegant approach.

For more information, try searching for

access ftp link group:microsoft.public.access.*

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 08:08:03 -0700, "Bill Phillips" <Bill

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