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Hi - I have seen several similar strings but cannot see an answer
I have a collection spreadsheet to pick up data from a growing number of
spreadsheets. I can use the inderect function which allows the user to type
in the new spreadsheet name and so pick up the data. But this only works when
the target spreadshet is open.
How do i replicate the link spreadsheet function but allowing users to
simply enter the new spreadsheet name? Target spreadsheets all stored in the
same folder & target data in same cells etc

Thanks in advance



Ashish Mathur


You may download and install the following add-in and then use the
INDRIECT.EXT function (this is supposed to work even if the source workbook
is closed.

In instances that I have used this function in, I notice that it works as
long as the workbook (in which you are using the INDIRECT.EXT function) is
not refreshed. The moment it is refreshed, it gives an error.

However, from other posts which I notice in this forum, it works for some


Ashish Mathur
Microsoft Excel MVP

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