Linking Backend MDB Tables Programmatically


Tim M


I have an application that has the data split in tables in a backend mdb
file. These tables are linked in the frontend mdb application file. The
application could be deployed on different company's networks, so the folder
locations of each file may vary.

I want to way to enable users to either type in or browse (from a form) the
location of the backend mdb file, to create or refresh the table links from
the frontend, rather than have to use the normal linked table refresh utility.

Also I want deploy the frontend database as an MDE file so the code is
protected, so users wouldn't be able to refresh the table links manually

How can I create and/or refresh the table links programmatically. I know
this is possible since I did it one before several years ago, but can't find
the code I used.

Tim M

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