Linking a Table in Access with 365 Data Fields



I am trying to link an ODBC database table that contains 365 data fields and
only the first 255 fields appear after the table is linked in Access. Does
anyone know why the last 101 fields are not linking into Access? Is there
anyway to get these fields to link in?


John Spencer

Access can handle a maximum of 255 fields in a table or a query.

Since you did not tell us what the ODBC source is I will guess the following
advice MIGHT be appropriate:

You would need to go to the data source and construct two views of the data -
each with less than 255 fields and then link to the views.

John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007-2009
The Hilltop Institute
University of Maryland Baltimore County


Access will only handle 255 fields. Sounds like a spreadsheet.
Can you create a 'View' in the ODBC database? If so, then try building two
using a key field.
But remember Access can only work with 255 at a time.

Mr. B

The reason that the 101 fileds are not comming in is that the limit to the
number of fields in an Access table is 255, exactly the number you are seeing
in your linked table. (this is per the Access Specification information from
the Access Help file)

As far a work around, that will have to come from the source of your data
not from Access. It is quite unsual to ever see that many fields in any one

Mr. B
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