Linked tables


Peter Kinsman

I have a number of database which link to a central database, containing all
the data tables. Yesterday, having deleted two tables, I compacted the
central database. Today, many of the other database are having problems
with their data, but this can be remedied by refreshing the links.
Does anyone know if this to be expected/avoided please?

Many thanks

Peter Kinsman


Yes, I think some problems would be expected. Deleting table in the central
database does not delete the links in the other projects. There may be some
relationships between the links that would no longer work properly. So if by
refreshing you deleted the links to the no longer existing tables and the
relationships were 'cleaned up' then hopefully all is now fixed. If you
modified the 'child' projects first, then deleted the tables, may have
avoided problems.

Peter Kinsman

Thanks for the reply, but none of the 'child' projects linked to any of the
tables that were deleted.


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