Linked Tables refer to previous ODBC connection parameters



I am using Microsoft Access 2003 as an .mdb file with a Sybase ODBC
driver to create linked tables.

When I change the ODBC System DSN connection information to point to a
new database, the linked tables in Access still point to the previous
database. It appears that when initially creating the linked table,
the connection information (host, port, database name) is copied from
the ODBC connection and embedded within the linked table.

- Is it possible to get the linked table to always use the connection
information from the ODBC DSN and not embed the information when it is
first created?

- In development, I create a System DSN ODBC connection pointing to the
development database. Then, I create a linked table to a table within
that ODBC database DSN.
- Once development is complete, it is time to move to the test
environment. I send the Access .mdb file to the tester and provide
instructions to create the ODBC DSN connection(substituting the test
database information where the development database information used to
- I would expect the linked table within Access to refer to the name of
the ODBC connection, and then get the database connection information
from there.
- After the tester creates the ODBC DSN on his/her machine and opens
Access, the linked table still points to the development database!
- It appears the database connection information remains embedded
inside the linked table and is not referenced from the ODBC DSN on the

Thanks in advance for any information.


The only thing that comes to mind that can solve this is to write a function
that re-attaches the tables every time you want to refresh the links. You
begin by deleting the current attachments then re-attach. It takes seconds to
reattach. Yes, the info is embedded in the linked table.

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