Linked Table Manager in Access 2007



Please!.... Help Required
I am new to the access 2007 functionlality, the earlier version of Access i
have is 2003 and it contains two Access Applications One for Front End
Application and another which contains tables acting as a backend, means thay
are inter connected.

Normally when these are moved from one system to another system in order to
work the Access application we need to connect the Table access Application
to Front End Access application this job is done by TABLE LINKED MANAGER in
(It will ask the path which should be pointed to Front End Access Application)

But when i click 2003 version of Access Application which contains only
tables in "MS ACCESS 2007" it is asking to upgrade the database because of
the 2003 version if i click yes then it will start upgrading to 2007 and mean
time it will throw an error

"-3831: The current file format no longer supports user-level security. The
conversion or compaction process has removed any user-level permissions."

So in 2007 what i want is connect the Table Access Application to Front end
Form Access Application by using TABLE LINKED MANAGER but every time i
upgrade the TABLE LINKED MANAGER will always in disabled mode?

How to solve this?......
Any solution always welcome..........

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