Linked ODBC Tables in Access 2003



I just loaded a new upgraded copy of Access 2003 and when I try to add a New
Linked table to an ODBC datasource, the WinExplorer window immediately closes
as soon as I select ODBC databases. I can link other file types but not
ODBC. Someone told me some months ago about a setting they had to change or
add. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know how to get the New Table
function to recognize ODBC databases? I have datasources available and can
access them from Excel via MS Query, but can't link them from Access.

Sylvain Lafontaine

The source of this problem is often an antivirus. If you have Norton
Anti-virus 2006+, deactivating (temporarily if you want to) the Office
Plug-In might solve your problem.

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