Link to excel table which has keys in both row and col headers: isthis possible?




I would like to link to an Excel table that is not formatted like the rest of the database tables.

In the other dbase tables we have it formatted something like:

name year <data>
unit1 2010 x
unit1 2011 y
unit1 2012 z

The excel data however has been formatted differently for easy reading, like:

2010 2011 2012 ...
unit1 x y z

Is it possible to link to this table and have access know that the unit names and the years are "key" fields? ie that 2010 2011 ... and not field headings?

If so, what are the terms I should be searching for when googling etc.

Im new to all this linking to Excel, so the more hand holding the better :)

Andy C

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