Link to a specific page causes trouble in numbering




i'm trying to link a document(Y) to a specific page in another

in document X, i've created a bookmark for the page I want

in document Y, i've inserted a field "LINK" to include that specific

LINK Word.Document.12 C:\\Data\\Desktop\\Figure.docx page2

problem is style numbering. In document X, i've modified the style
"Title1" to be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4

when inserted in document Y, numbering restart at 1. so the link
doesn't keep track of the style numbering. everything else on the
formatting is imported, but the numbering

how can i work around this ?

I want to include the Text, the formatting, and the style numbering !



Stefan Blom

There is no way to prevent auto numbers from "recalculating."

What you can do is convert numbering in the source document to text before
including it in the target document.

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