link a text file using a .adp application



I am using Access 2003 and have created an .adp, the back end is SQL Server,
I would like the ability to link to a text table located on the network. I
get the following error when I try to do this. "You cannot link to tables in
file 'filename.txt' because your Access project is connect to an SQL Server
database on a remote computer. ......." Any ideas on what I would need to do
or if this is even possible. I can link to the text file with in an .MDB,
can I do this with in an .MDB and not an .ADP?


Sylvain Lafontaine

Not sure about what you are exactly doing but in ADP, there is no local
database, no local table and no local link. There are tools on the ADP menu
for etablishing a linked server but these tools are for acting on the
SQL-Server side; id., these command are sent directly to the sql-server and
the linked server is etablished on the SQL-Server, not in the ADP file on
the client side. If the SQL-Server cannot etablish a linked connection with
the text file, then you cannot use these command from the ADP menu to
etablish it. This mean that you must a URI (no drive letter) and that the
text file must be directly accessible via a local connection; so no remote
connection outside the local LAN and by local LAN, I mean the local LAN as
seen by the SQL-Server, not the local LAN on your side (if these two LANs
are different, of course).

From the error message that you are receiving, I suppose that the SQL-Server
is not located on the same LAN as yours; which automatically forbid any
direct linking between the SQL-Server and any text file or mdb file located
on your own LAN.


Thank you for all of your info, I was trying to do something that should not
be done in the enviroment I was in. I ended up created a table on SQL Server
and importing the data using Enterprise Manager and this solved my problem.
Thanks again.

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