Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300


Feb 23, 2002
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I've just bought a Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 for £50 second hand, with the aim of making a cheap touch-screen PC. It's powered by an Intel Z3735F CPU, has 2GB RAM and a 32GB eMMC drive.

I didn't expect too much for this price, but I'm surprised at what can be done for that price. It comes with a W10 license and seems acceptable for day-to-day tasks, but I've since installed Android on it and it works fantastically! I was previously using an Intel NUC to run the monitor, but the Lenovo stick is much more suited (and cheaper to run long term). It's USB powered, so it's highly likely that it can draw power from most monitors/TVs.

From reading the Amazon reviews, it appears there are problems getting the latest Windows 10 updates installed (probably the August "Anniversary" update) - so there may be a lot of them hitting ebay soon ;). If you're in the mood for a cheap Linux/Android PC it may be a fun thing to try.


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