Legacy check boxes freezing Word 2007 form



I've been looking for a while and can't quite get the answer to
question that is wrecking my Word 2007 forms. I want to have a form
with several legacy check boxes and several content control text
boxes. In other words, I'm trying to mix legacy controls and content

When I protect the form for the check boxes to work, I start off able
to edit the text boxes. However, as soon as I check a check box, the
content control text boxes quit accepting text. After much clicking,
I can usually get back to being able to edit the text boxes, but it
doesn't really work as it should. In fact, every check box locks me
out of my text boxes.

I can divide the document into sections and only protect the
checkboxes. That works, but seems excessive with the number of checks
and text fields in the document. Is there an easier way to mix these

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