Word 2007 form: Check boxes are making my other fields stop worki



I’ve created a form in Word 2007, using form fields and checkboxes. It looks
great. After I lock it, I can fill in the text fields. But as soon as I
click a checkbox, I can no longer fill in the text fields. I go back to the
text fields I already filled and try to edit those; I cannot. It’s as if
they become read-only as soon as I click on a checkbox. What gives? This is
really frustrating.

I am using the Rich Text Form Fields (the very first icon on the Controls
section of the Developer tab) and the Check Box Form Field (under Legacy
Tools, Legacy Forms).

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Stefan Blom

Content controls (such as the Rich Text control) don't work with legacy form
fields (such as the check box form field).

You may find it easier to make use of a form check box and form text fields
(both of which are legacy forms).


Thank you very much!! That was exactly the problem! I did what you said and
now the form works fine :)

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