Leads, Prospects and Accounts




I am trying to understand the logic of the software before I commit to
categories, as I understand they are dictated in the Outlook portion of the

I would like to be able to have 4 overarching categories: leads, propects,
accounts and business contacts.

If I understand the software, it has opportunites defined as "project
potentials" associated with accounts. However, the opporutnity could as well
be with a prospect.

Can anyone give me an overview of how the 4 broad categories I would like to
have would work within the Business Contact Mgmt system?

Thank you very much,




Hi Erica
i am no expert but can see you hvent had a response so will try and help you.
I use "accounts" in BCM as the group name when I have many clints or
prospective clients and or facilities within 1 organization.
When I link them to the account,I can see all the Business contacts
associated with that group
There is a check box in Business contacts to denote "Leads" as one that
checks "Active"

The categories(which all can have their labels edited to what you want and
also what color) are not only used in the BCM but also on your calender. I
use categories like "HOT" "WARM" "COLD" etc
Iam sure there is another editable list to collect the other information also.

As I said ,no expert but am happy to try
hope it was of value.(if you havent worked it out already) :)

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