Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to frontpage 2003. When I view my experimental website
in Netscape or Firefox, any layers included in my site, appear to move to a
different part of the page, if only fractionally. I am aware that browser
incompatibilities exist, and that coding is slightly different in different
browser versions.

I have set the compatibility options in frontpage 2003, on the 'page
options' 'authoring' tab to work in both IE and netscape, but the problem
still remains. The same also happens if only slightly, for any tables I have

Could anyone please give me some advice or the correct coding to use to
rectify this, as well as any excellent websites that may address these

Many thanks to all who can provide this assistance.



Hi Jeff,

Here's a great article on the subject of web browser compatibility. .

It seems only some of your pages are shifting. In any event, shifting means
that you have more room in that browser window. If you look at the code in
the pages that are shifting, you'll find specific width measurements. It
should help to change the exact measurement to a percentages or you could
decrease or increase the size of the measurement.

The above referenced article gives specific browser measurements for all the
top browsers. I found it on one of my favorite sites - Also, there
are browser compatiblity software available for purchase to help you test
your sites. And, finally, the decent web design programs, especially the
latest versions, have auto-compatiblity features to adjust your code to be
compatible with all the top browsers.

Let me know if you need more help.


Thanks Ruth I'll check this out and will get back if need be.

Just a quick discussion where I am coming from.

Suppose I create a table at the top of a webpage and it spans the width of
the page (the table is set at a width of 100 per cent and a height of 114
pixels). It has only one column and one row. If I insert a layer inside that
table (the layer is set as the default of 'absolute'), and add some text to
the layer, and position the layer towards the top of the table in I.E. When I
browse in Netscape, the layer with the text has moved downwards slightly,
more towards the center of the table.

Also, some of the tables in Netscape appear longer than in I.E.

Anyway, I will check this out.


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