large hard drive



I am looking for info on a new install of windows 2000
Pro, My hard drive is 180 gig,but only shows 128 gig. I
went to disk manager and formated the 118 gig portion (10
gig allocated to "c" drive). When I look at "my computer",
it shows my existing partions and it shows the missing 71
gig as 'used'. I have 2 of these hard drives and don't
want to ignor this 140 gig (total) of space as I am using
this PC as a back device.

Any advice on how to unlock this space? Help ?!?!

Wolf Kirchmeir

Any advice on how to unlock this space? Help ?!?!

Administrative Tools --> Computer management --> Storage

You can resize and relabel partitions ("volumes," or "drives"), and format
the unallocated space, which will then be an added partition. You will end up
with at least three partitions on your 180GB drive, but you can of course
make more. Their total space will be 180GB. Their letters will be C;, D:, E:,
etc, but you can assign different letters to D:, E:, etc, if you wish (and
you CD drive(s), too, for that matter.)


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