Laptop graphics

Dec 22, 2003
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This seems like a highly educated and active forum... groveling over, I have a question or two.

Laptop graphics; I am thinking about replacing my creaking desktop beast (21in CRT occupying half the room) with a sleak laptop. However one of the big price jumps comes around having a 32 or 64 Mb graphics card rather than an integrated/on board/shared graphics. My current PC has a 128Mb G-Force.

So will it make a huge difference having integrated 64mb graphics bearing in mind that I want the laptop for;
- general office stuff
- play DVD occaisonally
- burn a CD or two
- play a few old games (no Halo for me..) of which the most graphics challenging would be something like Shogun Total War

I intend to go big in memory (512) and processor speed if that helps

Your views much appreciated


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