I have upgraded to Word 2007. I am having trouble finding the Avery Lable
templets that I am use to using in Work 2003. I frequently use the mini
sheet labels, but I do not see them the Word 2007. Can anyone help me? Is
there a way to download the templet from avery into the Word lable options?



Jay Freedman

Click the Labels button on the Mailings tab. Then click the Options
button in the dialog. This is the same as in Word 2003, although there
have been some additions and deletions in the list of Avery products.

What may be confusing you is that the list is in "alphabetic" order
rather than "numeric" order. The list has all the Avery product
numbers whose first character is 1 (such as 11101) before any of those
that start with 2. The mini labels listed in Word 2003 are numbers
2160, 2162, 2163, 2180, 2181, 2186, 2660, 2662, and 2663. It seems the
last three have been removed from the Word 2007 list, but their
definitions are the same as the first three.

For any Avery products you don't see in Word's list, go to
and enter the product number in the search box. For most of their
products, you can download what they call a "template", although it's
really a Word document (.doc) and not a template (.dot). This is
stored as a regular document on your drive that you can open, copy,
etc. It does _not_ add the product to Word's list in the Labels
dialog, which can't be changed.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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